I loaf you x 4

If you knead to show your love to someone, a gift of carbs (real or plush) seems like a solid bet. To that end, I have created a smaller version of the I Loaf You plush. These little loaves are five inches long, feature hand-embroidered faces, and a hand-written tag that declares affection. Available from my shop page and in-store at {verdigreen} in Montclair, NJ.

I loaf you.

I loaf you.

Also new is this red-and-white ticking-stripe garland, featuring ten of the red-and-white “buntings” sewn to red seam binding ribbon. It is over two yards long, with an additional foot of ribbon on each end for tying and hanging.

Red ticking stripe garland

A great decoration for the “red decor” holidays, or a circus theme, or Stripe Awareness month.

Red ticking stripe garlands