The New Standards Holiday Show is on stage for its 10th incredible year, and there are stockings to commemorate the occasion!


This holiday show is a tradition in and around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and I was thrilled to contribute to the merriment by designing and producing these special stockings. There are two styles available: Blue plaid with felt Yetis that pay homage to the Holiday Show posters by Lucy Michelle; or a red plaid with felt Chan, Steve, and John.


So many Chans, Steves, and Johns! The heads are hand-cut from felt, assembled, then hand-painted.


Yay for yetis! The heads are hand-cut from cotton batting and felt, assembled, then hand-painted.


Cotton plaid trimmed with coordinating faux fur, a healthy dose of glitter, and a dash of beading, these heirloom-quality decorations are made in Minneapolis by me.

Stockings are available at the show, and from my online shop.