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The New Standards Holiday Show is on stage for its 10th incredible year, and there are stockings to commemorate the occasion!


This holiday show is a tradition in and around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and I was thrilled to contribute to the merriment by designing and producing these special stockings. There are two styles available: Blue plaid with felt Yetis that pay homage to the Holiday Show posters by Lucy Michelle; or a red plaid with felt Chan, Steve, and John.


So many Chans, Steves, and Johns! The heads are hand-cut from felt, assembled, then hand-painted.


Yay for yetis! The heads are hand-cut from cotton batting and felt, assembled, then hand-painted.


Cotton plaid trimmed with coordinating faux fur, a healthy dose of glitter, and a dash of beading, these heirloom-quality decorations are made in Minneapolis by me.

Stockings are available at the show, and from my online shop.


November and December was the busiest Christmastime ever for Heather Donohue Crafts. First I made an elfload of ornaments  and fleece creatures for the inspired {verdigreen} home shop here in Montclair, NJ; next, the custom Christmas stocking orders started.

One commission was stockings for everyone in the immediate family who didn’t already have a vintage Christmas stocking. Each one was customized  with great attention to detail, from wool and wool-blend felt, and included plenty of beadwork and sequins, when called for.

(Note that stockings face either right or left as ordered–here it looks like the off-white stocking is doing its own thing, but once in the context of the other family stockings that also point left, it fits right in.)

Vintage-style custom stockings

For her son Andrew, the classic train:

Vintage-style custom train stocking

For her husband Patrick, a U.S. Marine, his likeness in felt, surrounded by his hobbies. There’s a snowboard, bike, golf club, tee, and ball; football, and because he hunts, a gun. Bonus: It makes the other stockings feel safe.

Vintage-style custom stocking

For her sister Amy, who loves flowers:

Vintage-style custom flowers stocking

For her son David, an assortment of vehicles, including a likeness to the vintage red tractor from the family farm, driven by Santa.

Her mom, a book-lover and grandma,  is pictured reading to one of her grandkids, snuggled under a blanket, near the tree and bookshelf.

Vintage-style custom stockings

Another stocking was for a little boy and included his favorite toys (spaceship and robot) as well as many classic Christmas themes, including a heavily-decorated tree, snowy scene outside, and a train.

Vintage-style custom stocking detail

Vintage-style custom stocking, train detail

Stocking detail. I use a mix of vintage and new sequins and beads.

I also rocked out on the stockings’ personalization–here are two examples of the child’s name in the mother’s handwriting.

Christmas stocking lettering in Cameron's mom's writing.

Vintage-style custom stocking, train and name detail

Happy 2014 to you!

I just completed a new Christmas stocking for a newborn named Lucas.

After a brief discussion with his mom about a train design, I came up with this rough sketch:


Next I cut out the felt, sewed on the front half of the cuff, and the heel/toe triangles. Then I added the train track with glitter glue, and cut out most of the train cars and the engine.


The mom sent photos of her son and two of his favorite toys (“dragon” and “puppy”), who are now on the train, as well as some pine trees.


Next I added the name and embellished it with an assortment of sequins and beads.

The reveal!

Lucas train stocking

Detail of the finished stocking includes snowy pine trees with beads and star-shaped sequins, and train cars and caboose details including embroidery, sequins, beads, and glitter.


Here is Lucas the Elf driving the train with his friends. His hat is trimmed with a wee jingle bell, and the train wheels are vintage work clothes buttons.


I love to make stockings!

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This commission is based on the wishes of this boy’s mom.

I loved making the peppermints, which were created by stacking two felt circles,  sewing an “x” across the top, then cutting away four triangles to make the peppermint. I will use embroidery floss to make smaller stripes on them as well.

More candy, in the form of gumdrops and pillow candy, will be added next. There will also be a sprinkling of beads and sequins (the heel and toe already have red ones in place).

custom stocking in progress

Custom stocking progress


The latest custom Christmas stocking is coming along nicely. I have the tree, shown here, about 3/4 of the way decorated. The garlands are meant to suggest popcorn and cranberry garlands. Once I get the toys on the lower part of the stocking in place, I will finish the tree to balance the whole thing out.

I also have a couple of new Halloween things in progress that I can’t wait to share!

Soldier and toys stocking FINISHED

The custom stocking is complete!

Soldier and toys stocking detail

The Jack-in-the-box, while creepy in real life, can be pretty great when reinterpreted in felt and beads.

Soldier and toys stocking detail

Choo-choo! The conductor is a stack of beads, including a sequin for a hat brim.

Soldier and toys stocking detail

Seed beads scattered throughout lend to the sparkly/magical/wintery feel. Note that some beads look like peppermints.

Soldier and toys stocking detail

The stocking is also fully lined to help withstand year after year of stuffing and ransacking.


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