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My daughter and I made a lot of bunnies out of clothespins and paint. (Can you spot which ones were done by a five-year-old?)

Clothespin Easter Bunnies


I nested some of them into tiny Easter Baskets, surrounded by shred made from vintage foil gift wrap.

Bunnies in Easter baskets


They have “eggs” made from painted and glittered acorns.

Easter baskets with clothespin bunnies and glittered acorn "eggs."


And here are the chick-in-basket versions. The basket looks like a hatched egg. These are available in my shop.

Chicks in Easter egg baskets

Happy Easter!



Yellow Fleece Bunnies

So the Easter Bunny caught wind of my recent plush guys and placed an order for some pale yellow plush bunnies, pictured above.

They are almost three feet tall, super-soft, and are trimmed with hand-cut felt eyes and teeth, as well as hand-sewn buttons, pom pom nose and tail.

Next I want to make a fleece monster….

Deadstock holiday cards

I went to an estate sale in a little town in New Jersey yesterday. The home was clearly owned by a hoarder. Now, I don’t condone hoarding, unless it means troves of seasonal ephemera will come to light decades later for me to scoop up and take home. Totally okay then.

Deadstock holiday cards, detail

There were hundreds and hundreds of deadstock holiday cards, many with notes tucked in where they were bought, what they cost (“Gimbels, half price”) and numbers presumably representing how many of each style had gone out that year. The card bottom-right is so sweet. Don’t think I had seen Richard Scarry Christmas cards before yesterday.

Gingham apron

Here’s a never-used gingham embroidered apron. The note I found tucked in the pocket says, “Country Fair, Wyckoff. $4.50. Pink & white check apron.”

Gurley Candle Turkeys, etc.

I found Halloween napkins, Turkey pics, a chicken pick, pom pom bunnies, and seven Gurley turkey candles.

Pom pom bunnies

These guys are a few inches tall, and seem like ancestors to the Pom Pom Bunnies Jennifer Murphy used to make.

Inspired by Bakerella, the creative force behind the cake pop trend, I finally tried my hand at making a batch.

I made the vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting recipes from the Cake Pops book, then rolled them into pink bunny pops. Supplies included:

  • sticks
  • pink melts for the coating
  • Red Hots for big, awesome bunny noses
  • sprinkles
  • jimmies
  • foodsafe markers
  • sliced almonds (for ears)


My sister was visiting, and knowing the girl hosts cookie exchanges during the holidays, I figured she’d be game.

Tiffy decorating bunny cake pops

We loved how they turned out, both in terms of deliciousness and cuteness. Plus, cake pops are the perfect little sweet somethin’-somethin’ for anyone experiencing cupcake fatigue.

Glittered Panorama Eggs

I have been creating paper mache panorama eggs! They were designed with the traditional sugar version in mind, but will last much longer.

The glitter-covered eggs are attached to a ribbon, moss, and faux leaf base. The interiors were painted blue, and lined in reindeer moss.

A photo is embellished, then tucked inside.

The big, blue egg stands about 8″ tall and is 4.5″ wide. I took a photo of my kidlets, cut it out, then embellished it with bunny ears and “dress-up outfits.” The window is trimmed in grosgrain ribbon and vintage ric rac, and a tulle pouf is perched on top.

Chartreusy-green medium sized egg with bunny

The medium, chartreusey-green one is a comfy hutch for this bunny made from felt, pom poms, and glass beads. The window is trimmed in ric rac, and vintage blue flowers are perched on top. This egg stands about 4.5″ tall.

Small off-white egg with chick

The small, off-white one is a nest for this chick, made from pom poms, paper, a feather, and glass beads. The window is trimmed in ric rac, and a vintage pink flower and swiss dot pouf is perched on top. This egg is also about 4.5″ tall.

These eggs are available on my etsy shop. The blue one is customizable to include a photo of your loved one(s).

Spun Cotton bunnies

After, like, 30 years of adoring spun cotton figures, I finally tried making my own, inspired by the hugely talented Crystal Hanehan’s spun cotton segment on the Martha show. These Easter beasts were hand-spun onto wire armature, painted, then dressed and accessorized. They have thread whiskers.

Spun Cotton bunny with spool basket

The girl bunny is wearing a silver miniskirt with pink sash and flower, and is holding an Easter basket fashioned from a vintage thread spool, purple thread intact. The basket’s handle and fill are pipe cleaners, and the eggs inside are pink felt. She stands on a crepe paper bed of grass that has been wrapped in off-white satin ribbon. She is 8″ tall, from the tips of her ears to the bottom of her base.

Spun Cotton bunny with bird in nest

The boy bunny is wearing a blue bowtie, and is holding a nest fashioned from an acorn cap, complete with bird. He stands on a base wrapped in origami paper and grosgrain ribbon. He’s 7″ tall, from the tips of his ears to the bottom of his base.

Spun Cotton Chick in skirt

This chick sports a crepe paper and seam binding ribbon skirt, and is finished with vintage felt wings, a pink felt beak, and fuzzy chenille stem feet and legs.

Spun Cotton Chick in skirt detail

Birds-bum view.

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