Happy Birthday wreath, green

When I was a kid, my family had a  handmade Christmas wreath covered in small gifts with handmade bows. It’s been in the back of my mind all this time, and I recently made a Happy Birthday version. Each package is hand-wrapped in paper, then tied with a handmade bow, ribbon, string,  ric rac, or beads. The wreathform is wrapped in coordinating ribbon, and another ribbon, bearing  a cardstock Happy Birthday sign, is attached for hanging.

Each wreath is unique and package styles vary slightly. The wreath is 8″ in diameter.

I figure this makes a nice gift, or you could keep it at home and hang it when birthdays strike!

Happy Birthday wreath detail

Details, details

Happy Birthday headbands

Also in the Birthday spirit, I made more Happy Birthday headbands in assorted colors. The hand-formed lettering spells “happy birthday” in pretty chenille stems, and the headband is wrapped in coordinating ribbon.


Candy Wreaths

I’ve been making wee wreaths covered in faux candy in pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day. Each piece of “candy” is hand-wrapped in paper or fabric, then cello, and tied with two ribbons, strings, or ric rac.

Candy Wreaths

The wreathform is wrapped in coordinating ribbon, and another ribbon is attached for hanging.

Candy wreath

Each wreath is unique and candy styles can vary slightly. The wreath is 8″ in diameter, and needs to hang indoors.

Available online and in store at {verdigreen}, 182 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ.

I loaf you x 4

If you knead to show your love to someone, a gift of carbs (real or plush) seems like a solid bet. To that end, I have created a smaller version of the I Loaf You plush. These little loaves are five inches long, feature hand-embroidered faces, and a hand-written tag that declares affection. Available from my shop page and in-store at {verdigreen} in Montclair, NJ.

I loaf you.

I loaf you.

Also new is this red-and-white ticking-stripe garland, featuring ten of the red-and-white “buntings” sewn to red seam binding ribbon. It is over two yards long, with an additional foot of ribbon on each end for tying and hanging.

Red ticking stripe garland

A great decoration for the “red decor” holidays, or a circus theme, or Stripe Awareness month.

Red ticking stripe garlands

plush sea creatures

These plush sea creatures were a commission for an under-the-sea themed birthday. I’ve never made pesco plush before, but was excited to try something new. These are about 9″ long or less, which is a smaller scale for me–usually my beasts are three times the size.

plush fish

Behold the red fishy and all of his fins. First and second dorsal fins! And all the other good fins!

I make perfectly round wool felt eyes using leather punch tools.

plush shrimp

There is a sweet little guy who asked his momma for a plush shrimp. (She asked me to make it green. Maybe it’s wasabi?)

I would have rocked the creepy legs and antennae, but by request aimed for kawaii rather than ewwwww.

plush star fish

Here is a starfish with toddler-safe embroidered eyes.

plush star fish, back

The underside is pink!

Instead of my much bigger Heather Donohue labels, I opted for the HD version for these guys.

plush sea snake

And here is an orange sea snake. I like how he looks like he has something to say.

November and December was the busiest Christmastime ever for Heather Donohue Crafts. First I made an elfload of ornaments  and fleece creatures for the inspired {verdigreen} home shop here in Montclair, NJ; next, the custom Christmas stocking orders started.

One commission was stockings for everyone in the immediate family who didn’t already have a vintage Christmas stocking. Each one was customized  with great attention to detail, from wool and wool-blend felt, and included plenty of beadwork and sequins, when called for.

(Note that stockings face either right or left as ordered–here it looks like the off-white stocking is doing its own thing, but once in the context of the other family stockings that also point left, it fits right in.)

Vintage-style custom stockings

For her son Andrew, the classic train:

Vintage-style custom train stocking

For her husband Patrick, a U.S. Marine, his likeness in felt, surrounded by his hobbies. There’s a snowboard, bike, golf club, tee, and ball; football, and because he hunts, a gun. Bonus: It makes the other stockings feel safe.

Vintage-style custom stocking

For her sister Amy, who loves flowers:

Vintage-style custom flowers stocking

For her son David, an assortment of vehicles, including a likeness to the vintage red tractor from the family farm, driven by Santa.

Her mom, a book-lover and grandma,  is pictured reading to one of her grandkids, snuggled under a blanket, near the tree and bookshelf.

Vintage-style custom stockings

Another stocking was for a little boy and included his favorite toys (spaceship and robot) as well as many classic Christmas themes, including a heavily-decorated tree, snowy scene outside, and a train.

Vintage-style custom stocking detail

Vintage-style custom stocking, train detail

Stocking detail. I use a mix of vintage and new sequins and beads.

I also rocked out on the stockings’ personalization–here are two examples of the child’s name in the mother’s handwriting.

Christmas stocking lettering in Cameron's mom's writing.

Vintage-style custom stocking, train and name detail

Happy 2014 to you!

If I had to pardon a craft today, it would be this:

Pink plush turkey

She’s a pink plush turkey with a 10″ wingspan, standing 14″ tall. She’s made from fleece (body); felt (feathers, wings, legs, eyes, beak, and waddle); tweed (neck and head); and a bit of lace around  the neck.

Pink plush turkey detail

Feather detail

Pink plush turkey

Turkey’s-eye view (Seemed appropriate.)

Happy Turkey Day!

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